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Pat Adams

Managing Partner & Designer

Pat has been a student of period architecture since he was a teenager. That passion has resulted in a keen eye for proper massing & scale, and a discernment for what is timeless vs. what is trendy. His ability to sketch "free-hand" elevations and floor plan concepts help clients visualize the project before drafting begins. Since 1999, Pat has developed extensive knowledge and hands on experience in residential home design, pre-construction services, project management, contracts, marketing, sales and business development.

Jeff Polk

Founder & Design Director

Jeff has 22+ years in residential home design and construction management. After that long in the industry, Jeff has learned to fully embrace his passion and his gifting... architectural design and drafting. His commitment to the fundamentals of sound architecture, works in concert with his deep knowledge of modern construction materials and building science. Jeff's unique ability to hear his clients, capture their ideas, and deliver a truly creative home design is what others describe as his superpower. 

Lynn Shukitis 

Senior Drafting & Design Associate

Lynn is an experienced home designer and project manager with a demonstrated history working in architectural design and construction. In addition to her solid drafting skills, scheduling and estimating experience, and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) background, Lynn has demonstrated a love for nonprofit organizational management. Lynn has a Bachelor's degree in Construction Engineering & Management from Purdue University, and an Associate's degree in Interior Design from Harrington College of Design.


Becky Mackin

Vice President of Administration

Becky's background as a business owner, and as an executive assistant for more than one enterprise, has provided her with a wealth of real-world experience and practical knowledge. Becky believes there is an art to good communication, and is at her best when serving as the point of contact between leadership, employees, vendors and clients. Becky has a BA in Liberal Arts from California State University, and is skilled in strategic planning, project management, operations, client services, hospitality, and education.

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