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About us...

Build Lodge is a full-service classical design firm based in Fort Worth, Texas, committed to architectural integrity and timeless character. We specialize in build-ready plans and the pre-construction journey.


For homeowners, project success requires a creative and thoughtful home design, and a set of plans that contractors can obtain accurate bids from and execute on in the field.​ For builders, we remove all ambiguity and provide a well designed home. We educate homeowners on the build process, and help establish realistic expectations.  Build Lodge is unique in this way, because both Pat & Jeff (Founders) built custom homes before moving exclusively toward design. 

Starting with excellent design is the critical first step that will set your custom build project on the right course. At the Lodge, our goal is timelessness so that where you live has an implied history; one indicative of the family that calls it home. 

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