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From Plan Design to Project Start

Build Lodge is a full-service classical design firm based in Fort Worth, Texas, committed to architectural integrity and timeless character. We specialize in build-ready plans and the preconstruction journey.

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Plans, specs, engineering, material selections & more

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Knowledge + preparation = time and money saved!

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Enter with confidence, the owner/builder relationship


What is Build Lodge?

Build Lodge is a residential design firm, and pre-construction services company for homeowners, builders and developers.

  • For homeowners, project success requires a perfect home design and a great contractor. With build-ready plans in hand, we help owners interview builders, review bids and choose a contractor who can see your vision, build to spec, finish on time and on budget.

  • For builders, we remove all ambiguity and provide a well designed start-ready project. We also educate homeowners on the build process, and establish realistic expectations in order to mitigate project stress.

Our process encourages bid accuracy & project accountability to help mitigate surprises and costly mistakes. The goal is to save owners 3-5% on final construction costs.

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The Lodge is where stories are told, knowledge is shared, plans are made and the right guide is chosen...

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Feasibility & Planning

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Lot Acquisition & Sales

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Plan Design

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Finish Material Selections

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Plan Takeoffs & Specs

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Builder Selection

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Owner/Builder Liaison

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Conflict Mediation

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Interior Design Services

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Design Code & Plan Review


Why Build Lodge?

Our "Build Lodge Experience" video is currently with the screenwriters while our producers are hard at work researching, scouting, designing and preparing havens for humans in their natural habitat.

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Spring 2022


Based on the true story:  BUILDLODGE, FROM  PLAN  DESIGN  to  PROJECT  START  -  Screenplay  by:  SMARTEST GUY IN THE ROOM

Directed by: PAT ADAMS  -  Produced by:  Jeff Polk  -  A  BUILDLODGE PRODUCTIONS PICTURE  -  In  TECHNOLOCOR 

Lodge Services

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Home Design & Build Plans

Starting with excellent design is the critical first step that will set your custom build or remodel project on the right course. At the Lodge, our goal is timelessness so that where you live has an implied history; one indicative of the family that calls it home. 

Plan Takeoffs, Engineering &
Finish Material Selections

Calculated material takeoffs, finish material selections, engineering, and specifications help builders bid your project with little speculation. This allows owners to make educated spending decisions early in the planning process.

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Builder Selection & Contracts

A clearly defined project, combined with a thoughtful builder selection process (if builder is unknown), can achieve cost accountability and met expectations. We feel that advocating for the project rather than the individual stakeholders guarantees a positive building experience.

Homeowner Services

 We make it our business to know the very best in the residential services industry so you don't have to. From interior designers and landscapers, to Realtors and movers, Build Lodge supports the needs of homeowners by partnering with proven service providers. 


Builder Services

 Build Lodge is not a homebuilder, and as a matter of principal we will never compete with our builder partners. In addition to offering the very best in design services, we offer a turnkey pre-construction solution that removes friction from the owner/builder relationship. Other services include accounting, draw management, subcontractor agreements, payments and regulatory compliance.

Developer Design Codes, Lot Sales & Plan Review

Implementation of a land developers vision begins with a well defined residential design strategy. Build Lodge can provide a comprehensive design code and plan review process that ensures architectural integrity and maximizes value. We also sell lots more efficiently by marketing to every qualified builder and Realtor within a market.

Lodge Customers & Partners


"I've worked with Pat on many projects and I always come away thankful for the time spent. He has the ability to visualize outcomes and make suggestions and recommendations on multiple fronts. Pat Adam's expertise has been of assistance from business consulting and sales to architecture and environmental design. If you are seeking a man of integrity who can step back and contemplate the bigger picture, he'll be an asset to your project."

Caryn Dahm - Oviedo, FL